Verónica Santesteban is the founder and the creative director of the brand.

She worked as a psychologist, studied plastic arts with the painter Carlos Gorriarena and all these paths led to the desire to experience the creative act in the first person.

This is how Santesteban was born in the 2000s, with the first shoes and handbags collection that took shape from old pieces that she treasured by visiting antique dealers.

Inspired by observation, art and nature, Verónica participates in every part of the process of invention and production of objects. All of them are unique pieces made by hand in different materials such as leather, stones, wood, nickel silver.

"I always wanted to create a brand that reflected a slower pace and process: where things are done with care and detail and quality is more important than trend."

In parallel, she designed accessories for Solantú, Menage a Trois, Breeders and today she continues to produce for international brands.

Their commitment is to offer modern shoes and handbags, always keeping in mind where the materials come from and who makes them: luxury with a conscience or in other words “honest luxury". The main source of inspiration and where the raw material is found is the north of Argentina.

Every year she travels to choose stones, wood, fabrics and keep alive an alliance that has been going on for three generations, and is the one she has with artisans, weavers, cabinetmakers.

¨I want each of our clients to feel that the pieces tell a story. In them they must be able to glimpse the hours of work that took the craftsmen to produce it, they must perceive their knowledge and their craft. At Santesteban, luxury is not hidden behind logos or labels, but rather in a material, a good finish, a know-how ”.